We’re finally in possession of the whole list of the winners of the ESFS / Eurocon Awards 2012, which were given yesterday in Zagreb, during the European Convention / Eurocon, which took place there between April 26th to 29th. Here it is:

I. Hall of Fame:
  • Best Author: Ian McDonald (UK)
  • Best Publisher: Ailleurs et Demain (France)
  • Best Artist: Nela Dunato (Croatia)
  • Best Promoter of Science Fiction: the SF Encyclopedia Online team (UK)
  • Best Magazine: Galaxies (France)
  • Best Translator: Pavel Weigel (Czech Republic)
  • Best Website: Concatenation (UK)
  • Grand Master: Brian Aldiss (UK)
  • Honorary Award: Jean Giraud / Moebius (France)
II. Spirit of Dedication
  • Best Artist: Zdenko Basic (Croatia)
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Divadelni spolek Kaspar (Czech Republic) for its adaptation of Daniel Keyes’ novella „Floers for Algernon”
  • Best fanzine: Eridan (Croatia)

III. Encouragement Awards:

  • Oliviu Crâznic (Romania)
  • Alexander Ruda (Ukraine)
  • Marki Istvan (Hungary)
  • Ilya Tyo (Russia)
  • Katarina Brbora (Croatia)
  • Rod Rees (UK)
  • Lucia Droppova (Slovakia)
  • January „Johnak” Kotouc (Czech Republic)

The bid for the organization of the 2014 Eurocon was won by Ireland, with 61 votes against the 16 votes that Romania, the other candidate, managed to gather. The 2014 Eurocon will be held in Dublin, between August 22nd and 24th, during the week that will follow the british Worldcon.

The European Science Fiction Society is an international organisation of SF professionals and fans who are committed to promoting Science Fiction in Europe and European Science Fiction worldwide. The organisation was founded at the first European Science Fiction Convention, Eurocon, which was held in 1972 in Trieste, Italy. Since that time, the organisation has organized European Science Fiction Conventions (Eurocons) at least every two years. The organisation also administrates the European SF Awards.


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